Get Fast Money With Semi Truck Title Loans


Are you looking to cash out some of the equity from your semi truck? If so you’ve come to the right place. The staff at Car Title Loan Lenders is known for having industry leading rates and terms when it comes to offers for online title loans, but we also offer semi truck title loans for borrowers with sufficient equity. We can get you same day financing for any type of qualified commercial truck title loan assuming you meet the basic requirements.


What Is A Semi Truck Title Loan And How To Qualify

A semi truck title loan is a formal agreement between you and a lender where they lend you cash using the equity from your semi as collateral. In order to qualify for semi truck title loans, borrowers need to have paid off semi trucks with surplus market value. The borrower must be able to provide evidence of his or her semi or commercial truck’s financial worth in the form of a comprehensive vehicle condition report which shows that the available equity exceeds what is owed on it. This way, if anything were ever to happen to their commercial truck during the course of the borrowing term all that needs to be repaid is what was originally borrowed along with interest and finance fees.


What types of Commerical Trucks Will Qualify For A Title Loan

The vast majority of service and commercial trucks that are privately owned will qualify. A commercial truck title loan can net you a large amount of money.These include semi trucks, tractors, boat trailers, dump trucks, construction equipment and many other qualifying trailers and commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles that are leased or rented will not qualify for semi truck title loans as you need to have the actual pink slip or title to show you own the property and there are no active liens or other loans.


Who Is Eligible For A Semi Truck Title Loan

Just about anyone who has a valid semi truck with surplus resale value can secure an online semi truck title loan provided they meet the basic requirements needed to gain approval. The borrower must be above the age of 18 years old which is legally capable of entering into legal contracts along with being able to provide proof of their identity to lenders using ID verification processes. Furthermore, borrowers must satisfy our company’s minimum monthly income requirement which includes having a steady monthly source of income in order to make monthly vehicle payments.

You will also need to submit the truck for an in person inspection so our qualified agents can verify the truck is fully operational and carries the appropriate value. The inspection is typically the last part of the qualifying process and it can be done at any of our locations near you or we can send an agent to your location to conduct the inspection.


How Much Cash Can I Get With A Semi Truck Title Loan

The amount available with a truck title loan is endless and is only subject to the semi truck’s current value. This value is based on a combination of factors which include the semi truck model, year, condition, and mileage along with its overall resale value. You may be able to secure a truck title loan of up to 60% of your semi’s equity as this amount is considered a safe ceiling for securing these kinds of private property loans.


What Else Do I Need To Know About Commercial Truck Title Loans

In order to qualify for any type of commercial truck title loan, you need to have owned your semi truck/commercial vehicle for at least six months or more if it was just purchased from an authorized dealer. In addition to having had ownership experience with commercial vehicles, borrowers must also meet all our other credit requirements to be approved with a local lender or from a company that offers title loans with no store visit. This doesn’t mean you need good credit though. Similar to we approved online title loans for people with bad credit, it’s more important that you show equity in your commercial truck. That’s more important than if you missed a loan payment or two.

You can get started on an online semi title loan application today with Car Title Loan Lenders USA. We promise the application will be quick and easy so you can get on the road to financial freedom as soon as possible. A semi truck title loan isn’t just a short term solution and we’ve had more than enough time to perfect our semi and commercial vehicle title loans. Contact us today via phone, or email.


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