Title Loans On A Boat


What Is A Boat Title Loan & Why Would I Need One?

With a boat title loan, you use the available equity as collateral to get a loan. Title loans on boats aren't exactly common. But that's primarily because most boat owners aren't aware the option exists and because only a handful of title loan companies will underwrite a boat title loan. In most cases you'll be able to maintain use of the boat and the loan will function no differently than what would be expected with a car title loan online. In rare situations, you may need to hand over the boat as equity for your loan.

Apply For A Boat Title Loan

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Why Apply With Car Title Loan Lenders USA

Car Title Loan Lenders USA makes it simple to cash out equity from their sailboat, speedboat or any other type of watercraft. We can take your application online or over the phone at 866-515-9866 and there's a decent chance your paid off boat can get you qualified for a loan of $2,000 or more!

Most visitors to our site are looking for a car title loan because, quite simply, most of us have cars. But most lenders will also accept a boat as collateral for a loan. Similar to those who use a motorcycle or other type of motorized vehicle as security for a loan, a lender wants to know if there's enough equity available if the loan payments fall behind.

Sail boats can be used as collateral for a title loan.


How to get a boat title loan and what's needed to qualify

A typical lender will require a few documents to process the application. These often include your boat's DMV registration, the boat title, and Government ID that says who you are.  Each state has different documents and paperwork requirements but most will provide you with some type of vessel or watercraft registration form. You will also likely need to submit information and pictures to show the quality and condition of your boat as of that day.


Additional online lending requirements for title loans on a boat

Each situation is different, but title loan lenders want to ensure the boat matches all the specific DMV documents and there are no major condition problems. A certified agent of the lender may request an inspection of your boat. This doesn't always happen, but it may be required if you ask for a large amount as the lender wants to verify the boat's condition. Lastly, expect little to no requirements regarding your credit score. Instead of underwriting a title loan based on a credit report, the lender wants to ensure there's enough equity in the boat.


Can I apply for a boat title loan online or with a company near me?

Yes, similar to a car title loan, you have the option of applying for an online title loan on your boat right from our website or with any other secured lending provider. You can also search our directory of top title loan companies to find companies that are local and licensed in your state who happen to offer boat title loans. Another option is to apply with a boat title loan lender near you. By applying with a company in your neighborhood you can meet face to face and it's likely the process will be much quicker from start to finish. Either way, you can't go wrong if you have equity in your boat and apply with a title loan company near me or with an online lender. Simply be sure, that lender is licensed in your state and knows what they're doing regarding title loans for boats!