Here’s How A Title Loan Refinance Work


The first step to refinancing a title loan is to pull your credit report and see what the current details are regarding your active title loan. Does your interest rate or payoff amount seem higher than what you had initially expected?  Or do you have more money on hand and want to get out of your current loan quicker with a lower rate?  In either scenario, we can get you an updated title loan quote that would refinance and pay off your current title loan.

Other reasons to refinance a title loan include the fact that you do not like the customer service you’re receiving from your current loan processor. There is nothing worse than taking out a title loan only to find out that it’s difficult to get ahold of your current lender or get accurate paperwork or payoff details. After you submit the paperwork for a title loan refinance the process to get underwritten and approved is simple and you can often use any title loan interest calculator to see the savings in real-time. The underwriter will want to verify your current loan information as well as your current employment and vehicle details.


How Does A Car Title Loan Refinance Work

The typical online title loan we see here at Car Title Loan Lenders USA will have a repayment term of between one and three years at a fixed principal and interest rate. A higher interest rate may be charged the longer the term of the loan, but the length of the loan will affect your monthly payment amount. Most companies will allow you to reduce interest rates on active title lending products.This repayment period may span a period of up to thirty years. The loan will include the amount of the loan plus accrued interest. You will be obligated to pay the anticipated interest each month. With a title loan refinance, you are essentially swapping out your current title loan with a new one. The new title loan produce will assumingly have a lower interest rate and better payoff terms that should save you significant money over the life of the loan.


Can I Refinance My Title Loan & Get A Lower Payment

With the multi-year payoff offered by most of the best title loan companies, you’ll make monthly installment payments that include the interest on the title loan. Any amount left over will be applied to the principal and outstanding loan balance. At the conclusion of the loan term, your lender will issue you a disbursement figure or the payoff amount. Make sure that you take the time to read over the loan terms and conditions. Find out if it is a condition of the loan that you agree to close the loan on time and pay off another, similar loan within 14 days (in the 10th year of the loan) or before the loan is due up to the end of the term of the loan, and pay any refinancing fees to close the loan within 10 business days so that the fees can be waived.

Keep in mind, a title loan refinance is much different than a typical car title loan buyout or payoff. When a lender refinances your loan they’re simply agreeing to modify the payments and payoff terms. With a buyout, you have a separate loan company that agrees to buy out or pay off your loan. At that point, you start fresh with the new lender and hopefully have more manageable payments and payoff terms.


Get Approved for A Title Loan Refi Even If You’re Late On A Current Loan

The majority of applicants for a title loan refi are current on their loan payments and simply looking for a lower rate or APR. There are some scenarios though where borrowers want to avoid repossession or get back to current on loan payments with a refinance. We advise people in this situation to work with their current lender as much as they can and still apply for a refi to see if there are any options to negotiate or change the existing online title loan details. Most people do not have the time to go through the refinance process, but if you have a good understanding of how the title loan underwriting process works, you can find out when you have a time period to refinance for a second time and make corrections to the first loan.

It’s best to consolidate payments and pay more each month with a title loan refi. But if the value of the car has declined and you still have a loan with a balance that is higher than the value of the car you can potentially have the loan closed and have the loans converted into an equity loan. You will probably need to pay more each month to obtain a quicker payoff equity loan, but it is legally possible.


What Are The Reasons To Refinance A Title Loan

The main reasons to refinance an online title loan center around the benefits you receive by getting a quicker payoff with a lower rate.  Even receiving an interest rate that is just a few points lower can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. When considering the benefits of refinancing your loan make sure that the payment amounts on the loan are not too high. We all know that title loans build your credit and it’s important to have the best rates and lender payoff so you can stay current. It is important that the loan application does not have any mandatory title loan insurance that may lead to increased costs and payments.  Because auto title loans with variable interest rates can have a long term for repayment, it is hard to calculate whether the payments are too high if you have a loan for a vehicle that is only used a few years.


You can lower the APR and payoff time for a vehicle title loan with a refinance.