What Is A Title Loan | What To Know Before Applying Online

One mistake we often make with our visitors is that we assume they know what a title loan is. Surprisingly this isn’t always the case. Many people will find themselves on our site after searching for online title loans or get cash for my vehicle. They’re looking at our comparison of online car title loans. But first they need an answer to their question of what is a title loan? In this post we’ll get down to the basics and answer a question that we’re seeing more and more often lately, “how exactly does a title loan work and how can I get one”?

Online title loans are easier to get when you understand how they work!

You will often see different definitions for the question of, what is a title loan. In fact there’s no specific industry definition that we can call in when people ask this question. To keep it simple, a vehicle equity loan is a way to get cash by using your car title as collateral. There are many different variations of vehicle equity loans but they all come back to that simple definition. With online title loans you can borrow more money than what you would expect to get with an online payday loan or even a signature loan. You will also see less emphasis being placed on your credit score and or credit history. Reason being, you’re putting your auto up as collateral for the money you receive. Say you get an online car title loan for $10,000. Most car title lenders will let you borrow about 60% of the car’s value. This way if you fall behind on your loan the lender can always repossess your car and sell it if you don’t bring the loan current.

Much like other types of online loans, this form of financing makes up of several different parts. Do you know what docs your lender requires You have the collateral(your car) which will secure the loan, as well as the interest, fees and principle that you can expect with a loan. Most title loans will last for a much longer amount of time than a normal payday loan or similar type of short term loan. You can usually work with your lender to come up with a payback time that works with you. Over the past few years we’ve seen many people stretch the payback time out longer than they should. Some people are even taking out online title loans for more than three years! While this may lower your monthly payment, it will cause you to pay more in interest charges. Make sure the lender has your best interests in mind when you are working on the loan terms!

Most companies that fund title loans online will overlook your bad credit or past bad credit issues. There are specific things they look out for like bankruptcies but for the most part you don’t need to worry too much if you have bad credit. Reason being, the title loan lenders know that you are securing your car to the pink slip. If you fall behind on the loan you will run the risk of them taking your car and selling your vehicle at auction. Also, this type of financing is never seen as cheap. It comes with high-interest rates that are higher than what you would see with a bank loan or even with a normal car loan. Interest rates will be like what you see with an installment or payday loan. The lenders know they are working with someone who may not have been eligible for a traditional loan. Online title loans should only be taken out if you don’t have any other options. First options should always include credit union financing or even a cash advance on a credit card. If you have good credit you should stick to the normal financing options. There are many online companies that want to give you title cash but you need to do your homework and research. At this point in the application process, you should know exactly what you’re getting into with a title loan online. Don’t let the stop you from learning about auto title loans! There’s a lot to know before you apply for an online loan!

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to ask you lender what fees come with their auto title loans. Most companies are direct lenders but some are unaffiliated third-party companies. This means you may have to take time to find out the exact name of the company who is financing the pink slip. Have them outline and explain all the fees that are in your contract. check the fine print in your online lending application If necessary you’ll want to go through the contract line by line to find any fees that they didn’t mention. It’s a red-flag if the lender refuses to do this. Much like when you purchase a vehicle from a legitimate company, there are tips available to walk you through the application process. some lenders will try to add in fees and charges without you seeing them. Same is true with those who contact installment lenders cash advance companies. Some of these unlicensed firms will try to charge interest rates that are above and beyond what’s allowed. Examples of this include fees to check your credit and loan application fees. Therefore it’s imperative to be sure your lender is licensed and regulated to provide online pink slip loans. In California they need to have an active California Finance Lenders Law License. Same is true in most other states. Don’t let charges and bad rates get in the way of you getting a loan. Car title loans don’t always come with high charges and fees. Move on if this happens and find another company that funds car title loans online!